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Some of my favorite web resources, in no particular order.

I try linking to plain HTTP versions when available.

MichaelMJD has an awesome YouTube channel and made the video that inspired me to build this website using FrontPage

Tapes and Spanners by Chloe and Samantha (also on YouTube)

68k.news is Google News for vintage computers, in basic HTML. Made by Sean from Action Retro

FrogFind! is a search engine for vintage computers. Also made by Sean

The HP-Compaq L2000/V2000 download page - this one was cobbled together by yours truly :)

The Classic Computer Shop is pretty cool

I enjoy listening to Datawave FM a lot

Discatte is a cool fellow archiver

My friend Ricardo has a crazy blog where he documents his hacking of random stuff like TVs and NASes

PodCarro é o seu podcast automotivo de baixo orçamento

Hackles is my favorite webcomic ever. If you don't know it, go ahead. It stopped in 2004 but it's totally worth your time

msx.gay broadcasts The River which I also listen to quite a bit

Koko's shrine is absolutely stunning (and also http friendly)

Wiby is a search engine that helps you find classic websites

Peter H. S. Madsen's World runs an awesome classic website. Found while looking for the Get Internet Explorer GIF

Ashie and Zen's sites are so pretty!

And so is Lejla's Appledust



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