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A picture of me as a kid looking very bored in a classroom.
            Can I just go home play with my computer? - Circa '95

About me

Hello, I'm Henry!

I've been interested in computers and breaking OS installs since early in my life.

Before computers, I got hooked on electronics in general, and started fooling around with broken radios and alarm clocks. When my grandmother granted me access to her computer, a 386SX at the time, I was absolutely fascinated.

My first computer came in the form of a custom-built (at a local shop) Texas Instruments 486DX2-66 loaded with 4MB of EDO memory, a 200(-and-change)MB Western Digital HDD, and a Trident TD9440 graphics card.

Over the years that thing was alive I maxed out the RAM on that board to 16MB, added a SoundBlaster 16 CT2740, a USRobotics 33,6k faxmodem, a CD-ROM drive and a whole megabyte of VRAM to the TD9440, bringing it to the incredible figure of... 2MB.

During my school days I had exceptionally good grades on everything... except for maths.
I failed maths for about 5 years, and that eventually led me to drop out of school, on 7th grade.

I started working pretty early. At first fixing computers by myself for family, friends and acquaintances.
Then, around 2006, along with my friend Otavio, I co-founded a branding/web development/graphic design company.

Otavio took care of all the important (a.k.a. creative) stuff, while I handled the web side of things.
Even tough that business didn't work out in the end, I learned a lot from it.

After closing up shop, I found a job at an IT company. They provided regular walk-in and contract repair services, but also handled warranty services for wide variety of computer manufacturers. The owner of that company also had a majority stake of a local ISP.

I started work there fixing computers, and eventually moved into their business services department, which handled IT for stores and supermarket chains, government contracts and some other stuff.

As I had amassed good server knowledge while handling hosting and e-mails for my own company, I was assigned to most network and server tickets, handling both deployments and maintenance.

A while later, I started also working for that ISP my former boss owned part of, also handling servers and networks. I also made their website!

Towards the end of my time there, some people came aboard our team and we ended up not really getting along. We were having very heated arguments.
A nice job offer came by. Head of IT for an HVAC company. So, I left both companies.
That offer ended up not materializing.

Mid-2014, after a couple of months on the hunt, I found a new position as the datacenter manager at the telco I work for nowadays.
Back in 2017, our former network manager decided to retire from technology, so I took on his role as well. To this day, I still hold both positions.


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